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Welcome to the Grand Funk Railroad store! The only source for official merchandise from Grand Funk Railroad - The American Band!

Looking for more digital Grand Funk Railroad music?

Check out these three download options:

Amazon offers the GFR catalog in both CD and mp3 formats.

iTunes has digital downloads in multiple audio formats.

Spotify provides streaming downloads of Grand Funk music.


Closeout sales now in effect on all 2018 shirts and hats!

Football jersey is on final closeout sale!

Long sleeve t-shirt is on closeout sale!

Many accessory items are on sale!


2018 Tour Caps!

2018 logo cap


2018 GRAND FUNK cap


2018 Black Tour Shirt!

2018 black tour shirt


2018 Dark Grey Tour Shirt!

2018 dark grey tour shirt


2018 Light Grey Tour Shirt!

2018 light grey tour shirt


2018 Denim Blue Tour Shirt!

2018 denim blue tour shirt


2017 Long Sleeve Shirt!

2017 long sleeve shirt


Our classic shirt now in white!

Classic white shirt


Flag Flame Cap!

Flag flame cap


Football Jersey Now on sale!

Football Jersey


Many of our accessories are now on sale! Check them out!





Classic Black Shirt

classic shirt front


Flexfit Cap with logo

flexfit cap


Knit Cap

Knit cap


Water Bottle

Water bottle


Classic Jacket



Greatest Hits CD/DVD Package



Pint Glass

Pint glass